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If you have recently become a parent or about to become one, you’re probably asking yourself what the best crib in 2018 is. From what we have gathered by analyzing the user feedback, the sales figures, and even the social media activity of some of the popular units in this line, the Da Vinci Kalani M5501Q seems to be worth every penny. Since it’s a 4-in-1 model, you’ll be able to benefit from its features as the product is incredibly versatile and will allow you to utilize it as your baby grows. In this sense, this alternative can be converted into a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full-size bed provided that you use the right attachments. Given that this crib is one of the safest ones we were able to discover while prospecting the market, maybe you might want to check it out. Even the JPMA and ASTM seem to think that it’s in compliance with all safety standards. If the Da Vinci Kalani M5501Q is not a feasible option, perhaps you might want to consider the Delta Children Canton 7888-205 as it’s the next best alternative.


Product Comparison




Are cribs necessary?


Cribs are among the things parents have on their list as they are waiting for a baby. However, there seems to be quite a debate about whether cribs are really that essential or not. Matters of safety are brought into the discussion, but supporters on both sides of the barricade still exist. A good quality crib is something that parents should not eliminate from their list of must-haves for the baby. First of all, sleeping in the same bed as the parents is not a good solution because no one will ever manage to get decent sleep time. When the baby is just a newborn, a bassinet may be a good option, but you will only get to use this one for just a few months, after which moving the baby into their own bed will become necessary.


Improvising a crib from a smaller bed is never a good idea. New cribs are now built with safety in mind and there are even federal standards that manufacturers have to abide by. Some parents think that because the crib gets to be used for just a few years, it is not worth the investment. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the baby grows, they will start moving around more, and a confined place like a crib is the best way to ensure they do not end up hurting themselves by accident. Also, good quality cribs come with their own mattresses or you can purchase mattresses that are specially made for cribs. These mattresses are designed to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), so they are a much better choice than putting the child to sleep in a bed that is not specifically made for them. If you care about the baby’s safety, getting a good quality crib is highly advised.


Buying guide


Your baby will be spending a lot of time in their crib before they are big enough to sleep in a toddler bed. So, as a parent, you most probably want to get nothing but the best for your little bundle of joy. The following guide is focused on providing you with the most essential information to identify the best cribs 2018, so you can make a solid educated choice.



Luckily, in this day and age, there are plenty of safety standards for cribs that are enforced at a federal level. This means that new cribs are the best you can find, but make sure that you are getting one from a reputable manufacturer, to avoid any troubles that may be provoked by a product that is not properly made to the specifications enforced by these standards. Never opt for a crib with drop sides, because these models are considered a safety hazards for babies. While they have been in use for a long time, studies show that if the sides drop, they can trap the baby between them and the mattress, causing a risk of suffocation. Since 2011, these cribs are illegal to be produced, so if you opt for a new crib, you should be protected from such problems.

Another feature of cribs that is now considered to pose a serious threat to babies’ lives is represented by bumpers. These bumpers are nothing but padded cushions that attach to the rails, with the purpose of preventing the baby to hurt themselves if they accidentally bump their head against the rails. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against getting a crib with bumpers for the reason that it can increase the risk of SIDS. So, if you wonder should cribs have bumpers, the answer is a solid ‘no’.

As a safety conscious parent, you should also be aware of other problems that may arise. For instance, you must always make sure that the crib is properly assembled. If you do not put together the crib as indicated in the instructions offered by the manufacturer, the crib can become undone, hurting the baby. The most dangerous thing that can happen is that the baby’s head can get trapped between the rails and the mattress and suffocate as a result.

Do not neglect other safety considerations when you are placing your baby inside a crib. Make sure that the crib is not located near curtains, drapes, draperies, and window blinds. Anything that the baby can grab and cause an accident should be as far away from the little one as possible. Even the cord of a baby monitor should be at a safe distance from the crib, so they do not manage to grab it and strangle with it by accident.


Crib type

With so many cribs on the market, you must probably feel at a loss when you are shopping around for one. By reading the crib reviews 2018 written by other parents, you can learn about many different aspects of cribs that will help you make a better decision. Economy cribs are a great choice for parents who do not want to spend a lot of money on such an item, but be aware of the differences between various models on the market. A less expensive crib will be made of cheaper materials, but this does not mean that it should be less safe. See if the crib rattles or is unstable before making a purchase, since a saving in price cannot justify putting your child’s life at risk.

Mid priced cribs are the most common choices for parents everywhere. They have different designs, and their finishing is smooth and will not cause any splinters to the baby’s delicate hands. They are made by reputable manufacturers and they are a solid choice to keep in mind when you are shopping for a crib. A nice option offered by such models is represented by convertible cribs. These basically grow with your baby, since they can be converted from a crib to a toddler bed and even to a day bed. A solid investment, these convertible cribs are quite popular today. Some parents ask: do cribs come with mattresses? Some of these cribs do, and this is another great plus that makes them a good investment for any parent.

Luxury cribs are, as their name indicates, the most expensive version of a crib you can find. You will be paying extra for fashionable details and design, and while their quality is good, they do not offer a lot over mid-priced models. Nonetheless, if you can afford such an item, and you want the nursery to look like something out of a fairytale, a luxury crib may be exactly what you want.


Mattress type

Besides the crib type, you should also seek for the right mattress type. There are mainly two types: with innersprings, or made of foam. Before deciding between these two types, make sure that the mattress you get is the right size, or otherwise, your baby will not be able to sleep comfortably. Between innersprings and foam, there is a matter of preference, but other aspects can come into play. For instance, foam mattresses should be thicker and have a higher density, to provide your baby with a great night’s sleep. Innerspring mattresses should be well executed, so that the springs cannot be felt through the outer layers.



Top 5 Products



DaVinci Kalani M5501Q


1-davinci-kalani-4-in-1The DaVinci Kalani is usually thought of as one of the best cribs in 2018 given that it comes with all of the features of a perfectly designed unit.

The core advantage of choosing this model over one of the many other ones that are available for sale these days consist of the fact that this is a 4-in-1 unit, meaning that you’ll be able to convert it into a toddler bed, a daybed, or even a full-size bed.

While the accessories kit required for the conversion into a daybed or toddler bed are provided in the box, the one needed for the full-size option needs to be purchased individually.

The DaVinci Kalani has gotten excellent scores in most tests, which is why it has acquired the certification provided by international institutions such as JPMA and ASTM. What’s more, this product is in compliance with the US CPSC safety standards.

Buy from for ($179.99)




Delta Children Canton 7888-205


2-delta-children-canton-4-in-1The Canton is another feasible option if you’re looking to combine versatility with safety. As with the formerly mentioned model, this one can be transformed into a daybed, toddler, or full-size bed complete with a footboard and headboard.

The height of the mattress can be adjusted depending on one of the three available positions. The Canton is undoubtedly a unit to take into account if you are focused on getting a safe product for your child as no toxic elements or substances have been used in its construction.

Since the manufacturing brand is perfectly aware of the fact that putting together such a crib can be frustrating, it has built this product so that it can be easily assembled.

Considering that over five hundred buyers have taken the time to provide favorable ratings on the Canton, it goes without saying that it’s managed to gather some of the best crib reviews in 2018.

Buy from for ($219.99)




Union M3801G


3-union-3-in-1Getting a good quality crib nowadays takes a bit of investment as most models are often found to cost over two hundred dollars. If you don’t have the budget for such an expense, you’re probably looking for an affordable product that costs less than one hundred and fifty dollars.

Based on the info that we have gathered about the Union M3801G, it fits the bill nicely and is constructed in complete accordance with the JPMA, ASTM International, and US CPSC safety standards.

It’s worth noting that this model has been built out of New Zealand pine wood and no toxic substances, phthalates or lead have been used in the process.

The neat thing about this alternative is that it gives owners the freedom to adjust the mattress depending on four positions instead of just three. Since it offers excellent value for the money, this model should also be on your shopping list.

Buy from for ($109)




Stork Craft 04586-479


4-stork-craft-portofino-4-in-1Because it is larger, but also more convenient than many of its competitors, this Stork Craft unit might cost a pretty penny. However, most parents are aware of the fact that their babies should be able to rest in a safe place where they don’t risk encountering any dangers.

Aside from being easy to assemble and utilize, this model can let you change your baby conveniently as it comes with a table that can also be used as a nightstand.

Another factor that makes the difference between the Stork Craft 04586-479 and some of the others cribs we’ve talked about before is that it comes with a waterproof vinyl change pad.

As it is to be expected from such a high-end option, it is compliant with the CPSC and ASTM safety standards, as well as the JPMA certification. The only drawback we were able to discover with regard to this product is that the changing table comes attached to the product, and so converting it into a full-size bed might be a bit tricky.

Buy from for ($283.58)




Dream On Me 655-K


5-stork-craft-portofino-4-in-1Even though it’s one of the most financially accessible products in the line, this crib is totally worth the money as it takes the cake when it comes to versatility.

In fact, the Dream On Me 655-K has been designed in a unique manner, one that allows you to utilize the same product as your baby grows.

What this means is that you will be able to convert the unit into a day, toddler, twin, or even full bed, and several setup options are available for these transformations. The weight capacity of the crib is just 50 lbs, but it can be increased as you add a rail, mattress, and bed frame that are sold individually.

Thanks to its safety features and the fact that it is in compliance with the standards imposed by CPSC and ASTM, the Dream On Me 655-K is surely worth bearing in mind, especially as it has garnered the appreciation of over four hundred happy buyers.

Buy from for ($137.46)



The best crib manufacturers


DaVinci – DaVinci is a company with over 25 of years of experience in making cribs of all types for babies everywhere. When parents ask “how long can cribs be used?”, DaVinci offers a solid answer by offering some of the best convertible cribs out there. Their models are renowned for their great safety standards, solid quality and stylish design that make their cribs a great addition to any nursery. Over the years, DaVinci has manufactured over one million cribs and the number of satisfied customers is only growing. Surpassing the safety and quality standards in place, DaVinci is a name to remember when you go shopping for a crib.

Stork Craft – like many other similar companies, Stork Craft emerged from being a small business once making cribs based on the work of a local artisan to a global mammoth that now handles thousands of orders every year. Besides cribs, the company specializes in making a wide range of teen furniture, so you will be using their products for a long time, once you fall in love with Stork Craft. The focus of this company is on innovation, so you will find the latest models to be often signed by them or one of the close partners.

Delta – Delta was started as a company in 1968, when its founder Louis Shamie Sr. saw a great opportunity in making products for babies. His products were focused on bringing the latest discoveries in the safety area to the peaceful nurseries in every household. While he first sold his products via a small retail store, over the years, Delta grew to be one of the most important crib manufacturers in the world. Still, the business remains a family business, with the third generation of Shamies at the helm right now. The same vision is shared to this moment, to provide babies with high quality safe cribs that look great in any nursery.

Graco – a company specialized in juvenile products, Graco is known for their wide range of innovative models. While it started as a company selling car parts, it evolved into what it is today, due to the spirit and dedication of those involved with it during its existence. The creators of the first baby swing were the people working at Graco and that was just the beginning. Today, Graco is the company behind many great products for babies, including great looking cribs that combine performance and quality with great looks. Parents and babies around the world are now enjoying the superior quality of Graco cribs.



Things you need to know about baby cribs



     How long can cribs be used?

One legitimate question about cribs is how long you should be using them. Babies are different and they grow in different ways, so it can be pretty difficult to estimate exactly the answer to this question. Some parents prefer to keep their babies inside a crib until they are two, two and a half years old. Others even keep them there a bit more, until they are three years old.

However, it really depends on the child and how fast they grow, as well as the parents’ decision to move them into a toddler bed. Nonetheless, if you purchase a convertible crib that you can turn into a toddler bed and later on into a day bed, you will not even feel the transition, and your baby won’t be able to feel it, either.



     Do cribs come with mattresses?

Not all of them do, so this is something you may want to keep in mind when you are shopping for a crib. As you can easily expect, a crib with its own mattress will cost a bit more, since, practically, the cost of the mattress will be added to the total cost. There is, however, a great benefit to purchasing a crib that comes with its own mattress. For sure, the mattress will fit perfectly, so you will not experience any troubles when you are searching for a mattress to match the crib you bought for your baby.

A good fit is essential for any crib and mattress combo, as it will provide the best comfort for the baby and it will eliminate any risks that may appear because the baby may end up stuck between the mattress and the crib railings.


     Why do cribs have slats?

There are cases when babies get their limbs stuck between the slats on their cribs, and this really bothers parents who wonder why do cribs have slats? The slats are there for a few important purposes. For starters, slats are better than any other kind of arrangement, because they prevent the baby from falling from the bed, while ensuring proper air circulation at the same time. When they fall asleep, if there is not enough air around them, babies can end up breathing less than what they need.

This can pose real problems to their health, so it is important to have slats. Also, the slats allow the baby to look around so they do not feel isolated from the rest. After all, this is how they get acquainted with the world surrounding them, until they can walk on their both feet and experience it firsthand.


     Are cribs safe for newborns?

A lot of parents who are looking for a crib are asking the above question. Some consider the use of a bassinet, while others even think about co-sleeping until the baby gets older and can sleep inside a crib. However, their concerns are not justified, as long as some common rules are applied.

The main problem with having a baby sleep in a crib is concern over SIDS. For this reason, it is advisable to place the baby on their back and avoid placing any other things inside the crib. The mattress should be firm, and the baby should not be able to turn on their belly. Tucking in a blanket or using a sleeper instead ensures the baby will not move in their sleep. As long as their airways are not blocked in any way, babies will be safe inside a crib.


     Should cribs have bumpers?

While they are not made illegal, bumpers are considered to pose a health hazard for babies and more and more parents are against them. Normally, bumpers would be installed on a crib so that the baby doesn’t hurt themselves when playing around in the crib. However, more recent information shows that bumpers can be a cause for suffocation, if the baby ends up with their head stuck between the mattress and the bumpers.

So, if you want your baby to be as safe as they can be, it is highly recommended to go for a crib that does not have bumpers.



     Where to buy cribs online?

Cribs can be bought from many different places. There are plenty of manufacturers that make great cribs and their official stores are a good option if you want to purchase a top quality crib for your little one. In case you are wondering where to buy cribs online, there are many virtual stores from where you can get good and reliable cribs.

Amazon is one of the biggest sellers because it gathers under its umbrella all the important brands that sell their products via the world leader in online shopping. Toys “R” Us also runs an online website from where you can purchase a lot of items for kids, including cribs. All the important retailers usually carry cribs and mattresses for babies, so you can try their websites for more information.


     Are cribs with drop sides safe?

Back in the days, cribs with drop sides were commonly used in many households across the world. However, the possibility for the sides to drop unintentionally raised a safety matter that was finally addressed in 2011 when such cribs were banned from manufacturing. Basically, no cribs that made up to standards today come with drop down sides.

The risk of injury for babies who may fall from the crib if the sides happen to drop is not something that parents want to take on, so you will no longer find this type of crib available from manufacturers. So, are cribs with drop sides safe? The answer is ‘no’, and the best advice is to seek for new models, and forget about buying something that has been already used.


     Are cribs with solid sides safe?

Since cribs with drop sides were banned in 2011, cribs with solid sides became more popular. As parents ask about the safety level of these cribs, they deserve a proper answer. Solid sided cribs have their disadvantages, though. One is that they do not allow the air to circulate well, and the solid sides also block the baby’s view.

As a parent, you may want to check on the baby from time to time, and slats will allow you to do that from the first moment you walk into the room. As far as safety is concerned, these cribs usually have all the necessary certifications, so they are not considered unsafe for babies.



     Which cribs are safest?

Now that you know more about cribs in general and their various features, you may wonder which models are the safest at the moment. You will have to look at certain aspects, such as sturdiness and stability. This is just the beginning. You will need to search for a model that does not pose any threats to your baby’s health.

Besides skipping those with bumpers and drop sides, you are advised to see if the baby crib has all the certifications needed. For instance, cheap knock off models can have finishing that is toxic for the baby. Since it is known that babies tend to chew on the railings made of wood, it is highly advised to see if the crib you intend to purchase was not painted with toxic substances.


     Do cribs have expiration dates?

Car seats for children are known to have expiration dates, so how about cribs? This is something that parents often wonder about. While it is highly recommended to go for a new crib when you have a baby on the way, because the latest models are the safest and the most loaded with useful features, older cribs are not necessarily worse. If they do not pose any safety issues, they are basically like any other type of furniture.

Cribs do not come with expiration dates, so this is not a matter of concern. However, as some parents advise, it serves to check if there have been any recalls for the model you have your eyes on. This will tell you something more important about the safety standards of that specific model.


    Do cribs have a weight limit?

Another question that parents on the lookout for a baby crib have is about the weight limit of various cribs. The weight limit is something you should always check before making a purchase. It is a consideration to keep in mind especially if you are planning to purchase a convertible crib.

Normally, such cribs are supposed to hold a lot more weight than, let’s say, a portable crib. However, you may be surprised to learn that weight limits for convertible models are not necessarily high, so just remember to check all the specifications before reaching for your wallet.


     Why are cribs with drop sides banned?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission decided to ban cribs with drop sides and no manufacturer has made such models since 2011. The decision was taken at the end of 2010, in December, and it was based on data showing 32 reported infant deaths caused by cribs with drop sides, between 2001 and 2010.

Besides banning cribs with drop sides from being commercialized, the new law established that such cribs should not be used in child care facilities, as well as hotels and motels. Other safety standards were imposed at the same time. New demands included that cribs should be sturdier, and mattress supports to be stronger. New tests for safety were introduced with the same regulations.


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