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Short moms can have a tough time handling their babies, as they have to lean over the crib and struggle with maintaining their balance, while carrying their precious kids in their arms. Because we know how important is to keep an eye on your baby and get only the products that are best for them, without forgetting about parents’ comfort, we decided to create a crib buying guide specifically for mothers who are shorter in height. By taking a look at all the following features, you will be able to get the right type of crib for your baby and for you.

Multiple mattress positions

A very specific feature that is meant to help mothers who are shorter in height is an adjustable mattress system. When you are assembling the crib, you will notice that the mattress is set at a certain height. That can be either very convenient or very inconvenient for the short mom, who will have to lean over the crib more if the mattress is not set at a comfortable height. By getting a model with multiple mattress positions, you can eliminate such problems, and ensure that no back breaking experiences will take place. A model with at least 3 different mattress positions is highly recommended, and you must know that there are even cribs with 4 mattress positions for maximum use and convenience.


The best crib for short moms 2017 should be extremely safe

Although safety comes first always, we started our list of recommendations with mattress adjustments because we wanted to focus on a feature meant to narrow down your choices. Now let’s talk a bit about safety. Always get a crib that comes with all the safety certifications in place. In the US, there are certain organizations that give their stamp of approval only to the safest cribs on the market, and you can trust their expertise. Aspects such as the lack of chemicals in the painting process and the like should be on your list when you are shopping for a crib.


Only the best materials are allowed

A crib must be sturdy and offer great stability, no matter how short the mom is. Get a crib made from solid wood, with non-toxic finish, that is well assembled, or requires little assembly to start with. All the hardware must be in place and the corners should not be harsh. The quality of materials and craftsmanship must be included on this list of must have traits.



Top 3 products


The best cribs for short moms currently available are showcased below.



Stork Craft Tuscany


If you are a short person, and you want a baby crib for short moms, you cannot go wrong with the Stork Craft Tuscany. Created to ensure perfect comfort and safety for your child, this crib is a model highly recommended by its compliance with the safety standards in effect in the US and Canada.

Actually, this model even exceed some of these standards for baby safety, so you can rest assured that you have made the best purchase possible in case you decide to get this particular crib. One of the best features of this crib is its versatility.

Babies grow quite fast and that can be a real challenge for parents. However, if you do not want any headaches, the best course of action is to get a convertible model like this one. The crib converts easily from its initial form into a toddler bed, a day bed, and even a full size bed, so that your child can continue to sleep in the same bed until reaching their teenage years.

The materials used for its construction are of the highest quality, and very sturdy; solid wood is used for making these cribs and the finishing is varied, letting you choose from a plethora of colors.

Buy from for ($179.99)




Graco Charleston


Another model great for short moms is the Graco Charleston. Just like the model described above, this one can be turned into a toddler bed, a day bed, or a full size bed.

You will need to purchase all the required accessories, such as guard rails, and later a bed frame and a mattress, but, otherwise, this is a great, versatile model that will save you some money on the long run. What helps short moms when taking care of their babies is the three position height adjustment system for the mattress that basically allows you to pick the right height that is convenient for both the mother and the baby.

There is another great advantage to this: the baby will not be able to climb out of their crib, if the rail is at a comfortable height that does not allow more adventurous babies to fall from the crib and hurt themselves.

Certified by all the important organizations with something to say in regards to baby safety, this is a reliable model and one often mentioned by the best crib for short moms reviews 2017 for its outstanding features and functionality. Sold with 5 year limited warranty, this is overall a great buy.

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Athena Daphne


The last model on our list is the Athena Daphne, a crib that easily converts from a crib to a youth bed, for prolonged usage and lifespan. What matters most is that this is more than a simple crib; it comes with a changer, so you can easily have enough room at your disposal when you are changing your baby’s diapers. JPMA certified, this is the kind of crib safety conscious parents are advised to get.

All the safety regulations for baby products, in effect in the US, are met and even exceeded by this particular model. The construction is sturdy and the non toxic finish guarantees no chemicals will affect air quality in the nursery.

The material use is solid pine wood, so you do not have to worry about the crib breaking too fast, or being unstable, for that matter. The crib comes with plenty of storage space, and you will love having everything ready at your fingertips; there are three drawers and two nooks on the side for storing everything you need.

While the drawer on top is for small items, like diapers, clothes and wipes, the other two are large enough to accommodate larger items such as baby blankets and linens.

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