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Purchasing a crib for your little one, especially if you are living in an apartment, where there is not enough place at your disposal, can be pretty daunting for a lot of parents. That is why it is quite important that you know exactly what you are looking for when you are shopping for a new crib. We really want you to get the best baby cribs for small spaces in 2017, which is why we supply you with all the needed info to do so.


Safety features

Even if you are purchasing a smaller crib than a full fledge one, this does not mean that you should sacrifice safety in any way. Always make sure that the model you are purchasing is made from top quality materials, it is sturdy and well executed. Stability is another issue that must be kept in mind, since, as they grow, babies are becoming more energetic and a poorly made crib may easily become an unsafe place for them.


Weight capacity

How much weight can the crib support? Manufacturers usually list such specifications in the descriptions they offer for their products, so it should not be an issue for you to discover this specific information. Find a model that can support as much weight as possible, because these are usually more sturdily built and they also allow you to keep your baby in the same crib a while longer.


Conversion capabilities

Is it the model you intend to purchase convertible? Although it is not necessarily expected from a crib designed for small places to convert into another type of bed for growing babies, there are models that offer such benefits. They can convert into a daybed and a toddler bed, which means these models are a really great investment for parents.



Top 3 products


The best baby cribs for small spaces currently available are listed below.



Dream On Me Aden 


1-dream-on-me-3-in-1The best baby cribs for small spaces reviews in 2017 put this model on top of their list, because of all its outstanding features. First of all, you should know that this crib is a great investment, because it can be easily converted into a daybed and later, into a twin size bed.

That means that for a while, you will not have to purchase a different bed for your little one, no matter how fast they grow.

However, you must keep in mind that twin size rail is not included. Putting together the crib is really easy, since all the tools for assembly are provided by the manufacturer with your purchase.

The 3 position mattress system is a welcome addition, because it allows you to keep your baby safe, while they grow and they begin standing up on their own. The weight capacity supported is 50 pounds.

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DaVinci Emily 


2-davinci-emily-2-in-1Safety is paramount for babies and for their parents’ peace of mind. The DaVinci Emily is certified by all the important bodies responsible for baby product standards in the US and internationally.

This means that the crib presented here is free of any toxic elements; it is made from New Zealand pine wood, completely sustainable which is also CARB II compliant.

You will love this compact crib for how easy it will be for you to reach for your baby. The two levels of support for the mattress are great for ensuring your baby’s growth in complete safety. The manufacturer includes a waterproof changing pad, which is a great thing since you will have the best conditions for changing your baby.

If you are looking for the best baby furniture for small spaces, this model should be on your list. The slat strength is designed for supporting 149 pounds, and the crib can be converted into a twin bed.

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Dream On Me Addison 


3-dream-on-me-addison-4-in-1Another convertible model worthy of being included on our list is the Dream On Me Addison. As your little one grows, this model can be converted into a daybed and later on, into a twin bed, so your baby can continue to use the same bed for as long as possible.

The support system for the mattress has 4 positions so you can easily adjust it, as your child continues to grow. What happens as a baby grows is that they start to get on their two little feet, and risk falling from the crib.

By lowering the mattress, you will prevent such accidents from happening and you will sleep better, too, knowing that your baby is well cared for.

The changing table provided with the crib can be turned into a side table, once you convert the crib into a full bed. This is one of the best small cribs for apartments you can currently purchase.

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