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Babies sleep in cribs up to the age of 3, so you need to ensure that the crib is particularly safe and cozy. An important role is played by the mattress in this case. It needs to offer superior comfort, good support and a good environment for your baby. If you are looking for the best crib mattress to buy, we are here to help you by offering you some great advice on what aspects to keep in mind for selecting a good and reliable product.

The best crib mattress for baby must be the right size

This is a particularly important aspect, since there are some safety issues to consider. A mattress that is too small for a crib will allow too much room between the mattress and the edges, and your baby may end up sticking their little hands in that available space, hurting themselves. A mattress that is too large, on the other hand can be a suffocation hazard, so, again, you need to make sure that nothing of the kind happens. There are cribs sold in standard size and crib mattresses that are of the same standard size, but our advice is to check buyers’ reviews and the manufacturer’s reputation, since not all mattress fit perfectly, as they are supposed to.


Firmness is important

You should not shop for a crib mattress in the same way that you shop for a mattress for you and your spouse. Adults usually need slightly softer mattresses, while babies thrive when they sleep on firmer surfaces. What you need to see in the crib mattress you want to buy is the ability to support the baby’s developing spine. When you press on the mattress, this should not take the shape of your hand and remain like that; the mattress needs to snap back and maintain its original shape. SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome happens sometimes because of a too soft mattress increasing the risk of suffocation.


Other aspects

There are many things to say about crib mattresses, but we will focus on the most important, so you can make a good choice fast. A waterproof cover is an added plus, because it will help you keep the mattress in good shape for a long time. It does not hurt for the mattress to be breathable, so that your little one does not overheat while sleeping.



Top 3 products


The best rated crib mattresses currently available are showcased below.


Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams


This mattress is a great fit for both cribs and toddler beds and it is favored by many parents because of the great comfort it offers. As far as safety is concerned, the Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams has it all. Its Greenguard Gold certification attests that there are no chemicals in this mattress, so your baby will not end up breathing toxic compounds.

Besides the lack of chemical treatments involved in the manufacturing process, it is worth mentioning that the mattress meets all the flammability standards at a federal level, without being treated with harmful substances.

The mattress has a high density core that offers proper support for good spine alignment, and the cover is resistant to stains. Made from vinyl, the cover is even waterproof, which will make things easier for parents when confronted with minor accidents.

It serves to know that the mattress is very lightweight, so carrying it around will not require a lot of effort from your part. Free of dangerous chemicals, like lead and phthalates, and offering great support and comfort, this is one of the best rated crib mattresses 2017 you can currently find on the market.

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Dream On Me Sweet Dreams


Another mattress that we highly recommend for your baby’s crib is the Dream On Me Sweet Dreams. Made from the best materials available and crafted to perfection in US facilities, this mattress is the ideal choice for parents who want nothing but the best for their kids.

On the inside, the mattress comes with 88 coils that offer the best support possible. The coils are made from heat tempered steel and they are very durable; also, they are designed in an interwoven design that practically adds to the overall comfort and support.

On each side of the mattress, you will find a layer of foam that makes sure the surface is plush and comfortable. Because the foam used is hypo-allergenic, you don’t have to worry about your little one having their allergies triggered.

The cover is waterproof, so all kinds of spills and accidents will not be able to damage this mattress. Resistant to stains, the cover only needs to be wiped clean with soap and lukewarm water. Meeting all the safety standards require for flammability and content of dangerous chemicals, this is a complete product that can safely be used by babies.

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Graco Premium


The best rated crib mattress reviews 2017 are very generous with their praises when this particular model is brought to attention. One of the first things that draw attention to the Graco Premium is that it comes with a 6 year guarantee policy, so your little one will no longer needed once the mattress reaches the end of those 6 years.

This means that this is a great investment that will not let you or your baby down. There are many other advantages offered by this model. The water resistant lining makes sure your baby will not have to sleep in a wet and uncomfortable bed when accidents take place.

Made from 5 inches of superior quality foam, this mattress is extremely plush and comfortable and babies simply love sleeping on it. In case you are particularly concerned with the baby’s safety, you will be glad to learn that this mattress, while meeting all the flammability standards in effect, it has not been treated with flame retardants that fall in the category of harmful chemicals.

The mattress contains zero phthalates and lead, and it is completely safe for use. The cover can be removed and washed, which is another great plus.

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