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Convenience is something parents with small babies always need, since there are just so many things they have to take care of and be aware of. In case of cribs, having a changing table close by is definitely a great plus, and that is why cribs with changing table combo are so highly appreciated. We want to help you get the best of the best by offering you the most useful information on how to purchase such a crib.


Good quality construction

What you need to look for in a crib, regardless of any other extras, is a good solid construction. This will not only guarantee its durability, but it will also guarantee safety. As babies become more energetic as they grow, they tend to become quite restless, which means they can fall from their cribs and even topple over a less sturdy construction. Other safety considerations, such as having a crib that was not painted with toxic substances, are also important.



The best cribs with changing table in 2017 are known for their high versatility. This basically means that the cribs can be converted in other types of beds, more befitting for a growing baby and later a toddler. What happens with the changing table as a result? Fret not, you will not have to throw it away or find additional storage space for it. Manufacturers have thought about it, and the changing table turns into a useful nightstand.


Visual appeal

While all the above considerations are very important, parents also look for cribs that go well with the rest of the nursery, so visual appeal should not be overlooked. Manufacturers now offer many great looking cribs that come equipped with the convenience of a changing table, so you will surely find one right up your alley.


Top 3 products


The best cribs with a changing table currently available are listed below.



Stork Craft Portofino 


1-stork-craft-portofino-4-in-1One of the baby cribs with changing table attached is, without a doubt, the Stork Craft Portofino. This one is a very useful model, since it can be converted into a toddler bed, a daybed and even a full size bed, so you will basically be making a sole investment that will accompany your child well into their teenage years, when you will need to purchase a different bed.

The appeal of this nice looking crib is enhanced by the presence of an included changing table. The best thing about this accessory is that it easily turns into a nightstand when you are turning the crib into another type of bed, so nothing is lost.

An accessory provided with your purchase is a waterproof changing pad made of vinyl that will keep the furniture clean when you need to change the baby. All these conveniences make this crib a wonderful buy for parents.

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Storkcraft Calabria 


2-storkcraft-calabriaThe Storkcraft Calabria enjoys a lot of popularity with parents everywhere and it is often praised by the best crib with changing table reviews in 2017.

The versatility of this crib is truly outstanding, as it does not only come with a changing table, but it can transform throughout the years, in order to accommodate all your child’s needs.

A toddler bed can be obtained from the same crib, as well as a daybed, and later in your baby’s life, a full size bed. The changer also evolves with your child’s development, turning into a dresser or a nightstand. A changing pad is included with your purchase for maximum convenience.

If you want a product made by a company with a great reputation, this one should be it. With over 60 years of experience in making baby products, Storkcraft has continued to exceed any expectations for quality and durability for their cribs.

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Athena Daphne 


3-athena-daphneThis combo is a great choice for parents looking for all conveniences possible in a crib. Besides the fact that it is a veritable baby station where you can take care of your baby and change them when the need arises, this model comes with plenty of storage space, so you can stock it with diapers and clothes to have them nearby.

Inside the two drawers on the bottom you can even store larger items such as blankets and linens for the crib. Even more, this crib can be transformed into a youth bed, so your baby will be able to use it for a long time.

Made from pine wood from sustainable sources, this crib is good looking, safe for your little one, and convenient for you, as a parent. Every need is met and even exceeded by this crib and you will surely want to put it on your shortlist.

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