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One of the things to keep in mind when you are shopping for a crib is how much space you have at your disposal for the crib. Not everyone has large nurseries at their disposal, so the actual size of a crib can be an important issue. That is why mini cribs are popular and the most important manufacturers do not neglect this category. Here are the most important things you need to know about the best mini cribs in 2017.


Safety certifications

As always, the most important thing when looking for a crib is safety. In the US and on the international market, there are now clear recommendations and guidelines for crib safety that manufacturers must abide by. To identify a really good unit, you only need to see what kind of certifications the crib has. JPMA is the most important because it focuses on baby products, while ASTM and CPSC are standards for safety that should be abided by. If your crib complies with all these requirements, it means that your baby will sleep in perfect safety.


Conversion power

The best mini crib reviews indicate that the most recommended models to spend money on are those that can be converted later on into other types of bed. Basically, these models are designed to turn into toddler beds, or day beds, which means that your initial investment will pay off on the long run. There are mini cribs that convert to other types of bed, and they are your best bet.



It never hurts to have some extras provided when purchasing a crib. For instance, mattress height adjustments come in handy to help you protect the baby properly as they grow. Some models even include a changing pad.



Top 3 Products


The best mini cribs now available on the market are showcased below.



DaVinci Emily


1-davinci-emilyEverything you want and need in a crib you will find in this model. Meeting all the important safety standards, this crib is painted in non-toxic finish that is free of dangerous compounds such as lead and phthalates.

Made from New Zealand pine wood, this is an eco-friendly product, as the wood harvested is 100% sustainable.

The low profile of this mini crib gives you easy access to your baby, so you can take them out of the crib and place them back on without any difficulty. There are two levels for mattress height that you can use as the baby grows and begins moving around more.

A nice extra included with your purchase is a one inch waterproof changing pad. This will help you keep the crib clean. Conversion rails for converting the crib into a twin size bed are sold separately. This is one of the best rated mini cribs in 2017, and highly recommended.

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DaVinci Kalani


2-davinci-kalaniMini cribs cannot be converted in more than a toddler bed or a day bed, due to their small size. While they are not as versatile as other models, they are still a great deal since you will not be spending a lot of money on a product that does just one thing.

The DaVinci Kalani converts to a twin bed, but keep in mind that the manufacturer sells conversion rails separately.

One of the best mini baby cribs currently available on the market, this model is designed to comply with the highest safety standards. You will be pleased to learn that the painting process used is completely non-toxic and there are no phthalates and lead used for applying the finish.

A changing pad is offered with your purchase, and the four levels of mattress support are generous and useful for when your baby will grow.

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Dream On Me Aden


3-dream-on-meIf you are wondering what are the best mini cribs, you will find that the Dream On Me Aden is one of them. Unlike the models described earlier that could only convert to twin size beds, this one can be turned into a day bed or a twin size bed.

This is great to know, since it basically means that you will be spending money one time for three different products for your little one.

You will have to assemble the crib yourself, but all the tools are provided, along with instructions, so this is not a difficult process. The maximum weight capacity is 50 pounds, and the total weight of the mini crib is 40 pounds.

The three different positions for mattress height come in handy when you need to make sure that your little one does not end up falling from the crib and hurting themselves.

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