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What is a portable crib? Basically, it is a type of crib that is more lightweight and easier to carry around than a full size crib. The best portable cribs in 2017 have certain characteristics in common and, if you are the type who travels a lot with their baby in tow, you will need to know how to differentiate between various models on the market.


Weight and size

Since a portable crib needs to be easy to carry around, you should look for models that have low weight and size. This way, you will know that it will be easy to accommodate the portable crib in the trunk of your car and that it will not take a lot of space once assembled. The role of a portable crib is to fit with ease in all kinds of room layouts and setups, and that is why you must focus on models that keep weight and size to a minimum.


Overall comfort

The best portable cribs for toddlers must have certain features catering to the baby’s comfort, or, otherwise, you will end up with a rather nervous kid on your hands who never sleeps and always cries. For instance, it is good to pick a model that comes with some sort of mattress, so that you do not have to purchase one separately. Another thing that portable cribs must have is good air flow, since your little one must be able to breathe easily and not overheat.


Safety issues

As with any other type of crib, you need to make sure that your baby is safe when in the portable crib. The best travel cribs are carefully designed to avoid problems. For instance, the distance between the mattress and the frame must be small enough to avoid tangling little fingers, and the sheets should hold well into place.



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The best portable cribs now available are showcased below.



BABYBJORN Travel Light


1-babybjorn-travel-cribOne of the best rated portable cribs is this BABYBJORN model. First things first, this crib is really lightweight, since it weighs just 13 pounds, and it will be easy for you to pack it and travel with it in the trunk of your car or otherwise.

One great thing about this model is that it comes with no loose parts, so you can set it up and fold it without worrying about such details.

Ease of setup actually counts quite a lot towards the popularity of this model. The mesh used is breathable and allows plenty of airflow, so that your baby does not overheat.

A soft, comfortable mattress comes with the crib, and it must be mentioned that the crib setup is designed with safety in mind. The material from the crib can be removed and washed, so you will not have to worry if the crib gets dirty.

Buy from for ($203.96)




Delta Children 


2-delta-children-portableRegardless of your chosen way of traveling, you need to make sure that the portable crib you intend to purchase is easy to carry around. For instance, the best portable crib for air travel can be considered the Delta Children.

This one folds flat, so you can easily stuff it into a larger type of luggage, without sacrificing space. It is lightweight and compact and this qualifies it for any kind of traveling.

However, functionality is not the only great thing about this crib. Among similar products, this one stands out by being stylish and looking great in any setup. It is worth mentioning that the front and back rails are stationary, so you do not have to worry that these will fall down, causing problems for your baby.

Made of sturdy wood, this is a solid crib that you will absolutely love. The mattress can be adjusted in two different positions, so it can be used for a long time.

Buy from for ($100)




Valco Baby Zephyr 


3-valco-baby-zephyrThis portable crib comes equipped with everything you need in a crib that you want to haul around when traveling. The best portable crib reviews in 2017 mention the Valco Baby Zephyr as one of the top choices for traveling parents.

Very lightweight, this model is easy to set up and take down, as the need arises. There are many nice extras included, which is why so many parents are in love with it.

A travel bag is supplied, so you do not need an extra luggage just for it. Another nice extra is the insect net that protects your little one against pesky critters.

The padded mattress is comfortable, and overall this portable crib is very cozy for your little one. The mesh pockets on the side make sure that there is plenty of airflow so that your baby can sleep well and undisturbed for many hours.

Buy from for ($149.99)




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