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The decision to purchase a crib for your newborn can be a nerve wrecking one. With so many different models on the market, making a choice seems very difficult and that is why we are here to help you. When it comes to these baby products, choosing from one of the best brands of cribs is highly recommended. The following buying guide is focused on offering you essential information on what features to look for in a good quality crib.


Types of cribs

Since it is a given that you must always choose from the best brands available, next in line should be your choice of the type of crib you want to get. Fortunately, the best cribs brands in 2017 include models from different types, so you can have your pick.  For instance, if you want a cheap model without bells and whistle, we recommend going for a standard crib. A sturdy construction and durability are the two important advantages of these cribs. Convertible cribs are the best choice if you want to make a onetime investment, instead of buying different child beds as your kid grows. Portable cribs are another option to consider.


Safety and certification standards

Safety is paramount when it comes to cribs, since you want to eliminate any risk for your baby’s health and even life. That is why the best crib brands to buy offer products that have all the required certifications in place. JPMA is the most important certification for baby cribs and the one that attests that the product in question is safe for your little one.


Other issues

Always make sure that the crib is stable. Get a compact model if space is an issue, and see if there is a mattress height adjustment feature included, since this can help you as the baby grows. Last, but not least, get a mattress for the crib along with it, for a perfect match.


Top 3 products


The best cribs available right now are showcased below.



DaVinci Kalani


1-davinci-kalani-4-in-1DaVinci is one of the best known crib manufacturers and all their products are built at the highest standards possible. The model reviewed here comes with all the needed certifications and something on top, including JPMA, ASTM and US CPSC.

This means that this is a safe crib that you will not be afraid to buy for your baby. The best crib reviews in 2017 mention this model on top of the list, as being one of the most coveted by parents for its high safety rating, dependability and durability, as well as style.

This baby crib will accommodate your child as they grow, since it can be turned into a toddler bed, a daybed, and even a full size bed later on.

While the toddler bed can support maximum 50 pounds, the full size bed is built to hold 500 pounds. All in all, this is a great investment for a thoughtful parent.

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Delta Children Canton 


2-delta-children-cantonAmong the best crib brands reviews you can currently read online, you will find plenty of information, along with praise, for the Delta Children Canton.

This is also a convertible bed that can be turned into a bed for a toddler, a daybed for a growing kid, and a full size bed for a teenager.

Another thing worth mentioning about this model is that it comes with three possible positions for the mattress. The model is easy to assemble, and you will love how great this one will look in your nursery.

Important safety certifications and standard compliances are in place, including the well known JPMA, ASTM (for international standards) and CPSC (for US standards). A toddler guardrail is included with your purchase, so you can easily convert the crib later on. The finish is non toxic and no other dangerous chemicals are used in the making of this crib.

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Stork Craft Tuscany 


3-stork-craft-tuscanyParents always sleep well when they know their babies are well taken care of, and this is exactly what this manufacturer believes in. The Stork Craft Tuscany is a convertible crib that can be used well into your kid’s adolescent years.

A toddler rail is included with your purchase, so as soon as your little one can get up on their own little feet and move around, you can reflect the important change in how their bed will look like.

The mattress support can be adjusted, making things easy for you. Everything is made of wood and this crib looks really stylish.

All the important safety standards in place in the US and Canada are abided by, so you can rest assured that this product is made to accommodate all your baby’s needs for security and comfort. The stationary sides are secured in place and very durable.

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